Thursday, January 26, 2017

Resist! Faces of Protest.

These images were made of the very large and vocal demonstration against the recently inaugurated president. The demonstrations took place along the parade route on Pennsylvania Avenue, in Washington DC.

The event was organized by the ANSWER Coalition, and was broadcast live by WPFW-FM.

There was a ferocious deafening roar along the inaugural protest sites when Tr*mpf went by. Blocks of people screaming curses and protest music blaring so loud that you couldn’t hear his name being announced over the official public address system. So loud that the heart shook. Overwhelming sound. An in your face (excuse NSFW language) of FUCK YOU! from thousands fighting back, expressing pain and determination to stand together for what’s right, a roar of pure channeled righteous rage, a blaze of fury and strength confronting the new Nero.


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