Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Yaakov and Resna Hammer

A new image of my friend, Rabbi Yaakov Hammer, and one from a while ago of his wife Resna blessing Shabbes candles (shot on assignment for the Forward).

Amazing folks.

Omari Johnson & family

I went with Ruth to Winchester, VA to visit my new-born godchild, Omari, son of Dion and Olympia Johnson, just two days old.

I also had a cheerful happy time with the other kids; Dana, Justin & Jazmin. Pizza and playground. And pictures. Big eyes.
Sometimes life can just be simple and easy. Being around children can refresh that experience. Yes.

Funny about time. I met Dion when he was barely 12, now he's 31, a family man, sturdy and calm, with a daughter nearly that age herself.


Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Yellow Yellow Yellow

Daffodils from my garden, forsythia blooms from my neighborhood.

I normally don't post flower pictures- but after this long gloomy winter, I find their radiance cheering.

There are no easy miracles- but profound beauty can be observed everywhere you look, if your eyes, mind, & heart are receptive.

Praise be.

Oh- and Happy St. Patrick's Day to all my Irish friends.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Two Visions:Spirit & Survival

Exhibition poster from my current show at Shepherd University "Two Visions:Spirit & Survival" on view from 3/9/09 to 4/3/09.
Many thanks to gallery director Mike Mendez, and to my poet/collaborator on the "Circles Within Circles" portion of the work, Sherri Waas Shunfenthal.

For more information contact Mike Mendez at: 240-285-2549