Sunday, February 05, 2017

Garden and beach, Florida

Photographs from Selby Botanical Gardens in Sarasota, Florida, and from a winter walk on the beach.

Some old family photos- Intrators and Sweets

Minnie (Malkam nee Mersel) Intrator
Here are historic images of members of our family, mostly Intrators, that were displayed around Uncle Morty and Aunt Iris Intrator's apartment. There were a few that I had never seen before.
Intrator family, probably 1929. Back row, left to right: Henry, Dave, Alex, and Trudy (Gertrude) Front row, left to right: Morty, Minnie (Malka), Elicia (Lee), ? Dave's wife, and Alex.

Grandpa Henry Intrator, probably 1919.

Uncle Morty Intrator as a boy, Bronx NY

Uncle Morty in the Army Air Corps, World War II. He was a teenager when he enlisted.

Silhouette of Iris and Morty Intrator

Iris Intrator (kind of how I remember her)

Iris as a girl, late 1920's

 Back Row: Sandie Sweet (Iris's younger sister) Rita and Seymour Sweet (Iris's Mom & Dad) & Iris. 
Front Row: Peg & Peter Intrator
Winter 1955/56. Springfield Gardens Apartments, Syracuse, New York.

Iris's grandmother

Dean's and my cousins, David, Peggy, and Peter Intrator

One of Morty's several patents for semiconductors he worked on at GE

Family and Misphoche in Florida

Ruth, my brother Dean, and I recently went to visit my Aunt Iris and Uncle Morty Intrator in Bradenton, Florida. Iris and Morty are 90 and 92 years old, and have been married since 1946. They are well, minds still sharp, and the family love was poured out all around.

(FYI: Morty is known as "Alex" to everyone who has met him since he enlisted in the Army Air Corps at 17 years old in 1942).

We also visited with Ruth's and my dear machatonim, Becky and Jeff Miller, who kindly hosted us at their home in Sarasota.

In the Passover Haggadah, there is a prayer that includes the words "and we thank the Almighty for the thousands and thousands and myriads and myriads of goodly occasions that Holy One, Blessed be G-d, bestowed upon our selves and our ancestors."

This was one of those goodly occasions.
Aunt Iris and Uncle Morty

Me, Aunt Iris, Uncle Morty, Dean Wolf

Jeff and Becky Miller

Becky Miller, Ruth Stromberg

Dean Wolf

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Women's March, Washington DC

These images are of the recent Woman's March in Washington, DC. Reuters news service reported the crowd at 1.2 million people, the largest demonstration in Washington history.

It came one day after the inauguration of Donald Tr*mpf as president of the United States, a way of asserting a determination to preserve the rights of women and other threatened groups to determine their own lives in a democratic, just, caring, and honest manner.

Ruth and I hosted 15 people for the March. Marge Ely and crew came in from Louisville, Kentucky, Anna London brought four others from New York City, Debra Moloshok came from the Philadelphia area, Carol Post from Delaware, and two others, Grace and David, came down from New Hampshire. Glad to have our sisters and brothers aboard. Adding our voices, together.

These pictures are part of the effort of a group of photographers working on a book covering the inaugural and its protests, #UnPresidented.