Wednesday, September 17, 2008


I recently encountered a young person from Indianapolis, who just had an arm tattoo inked the night before. Jae Truesdell (Kasle) told me that it was a symbol of personal heritage, symbolizing and uniting the two triangles the nazis used to mark "asocial" people and Jews for identification and persecution.

Many layers, many meanings, many issues.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Washington Vultures

Three vultures landed on a balcony near where I was working yesterday. Quite a phenomenon.

Behind this lone vulture looms the Dome of the United States Capitol.

I wonder which lobbying firm they work for?

CRI: Children's Research Institute

These images are from a session yesterday at the Children's Research Institute, an internationally-respected medical laboratory in Washington DC associated with Children's National Medical Center.

The process of science, though guided by logic at its very essence, still produces what I experience as miracles- inducing a profound sense of marvel and awe in me.

I worked on this annual report project with inspired art director Jeanne Wagner, and the talented members of the Public Relations team at Children's Hospital.

All photographs are ©2008 Lloyd Wolf, all rights reserved, and may be used only with the written permission of both the photographer and authorized representatives of Children's National Medical Center.