Friday, August 17, 2018

From the vaults- DC/Arlington harDCore punk

In the early 1980's I sponsored a series of dances at the alternative public high school where I taught photography, HB-Woodlawn. The reason for this was to To raise money for the photo program, but they took on a bit of life of their own. A lot of the dances featured local punk bands, new at the time, many of whom went on to fame with the Dischord Label. Teen Idles, Dain Bramage, Scream, DOA, the Dispensers, Count 4, and numerous others performed. Henry Rollins, Dave Grohl, and Jello Biafra either showed up or performed also.

Noisy, chaotic, and energetic stuff. Fun, too, in its way

A number of these pictures appeared in Cynthia Connolly's book "Banned in DC" which documented the scene from many photographers' points of view.

Here are some of my photographs from that time.

Wednesday, August 15, 2018

March for Racial Justice - Anti fascist rally, Washington DC

I documented the March for Racial Justice, held in Lafayette Park in Washington DC.

The rally was to protest a gathering of white nationalists next to the White House on the anniversary of the disastrous Charlottesville, Virginia "Take Back the Right" event last year.

The counterprotestors outnumbered the small contingent of right-wing marchers by many thousands.