Friday, August 28, 2015

Summer vacation / Warwick New York, and the road home.

Gentle road adventures.

After a day driving, Ruth and I stopped in the pretty town of Warwick, New York. We stayed at the Sleepy Valley Inn.

B&B's. Yes.

A sweet and fitting way station to begin the last leg of our journey home.

Summer vacation / Lake Willoughby Vermont July 19, 2015

Lake Willoughby, Vermont.

We accompanied and supported the Dentel/Post family as they mixed Steve's and his mother Marcene's ashes in ground next to Keith Dentel, Steve's father, on a beautiful plot overlooking the lake.

The sun shone a bit, and there was a very slight breeze.

And we continued on. Life.

Here's' to Steve.

To all of us.

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Summer vacation / Lake Willoughby Vermont July 18, 2015

Lake Willoughby, Vermont.

We took a long hike up a steep hill, then were caught in a summer rainstorm.

Schmoozing with drinks and friends by the water.

Quiet and beautiful landscape.

The dog's name is Cooper.

Our shared cottage on the Perkins' property was... quaint.

Ruth noted that the gathering felt a bit like a commune. So be it.

We spoke during dinner about our memories of and experiences with Steve.