Thursday, January 19, 2017

SNCC Legacy Project | Portraits of Civil Rights veterans

A little bit back, I had the opportunity to document a gathering of former SNCC (Student Non-violent Coordinating Committee) civil rights activists, many of whom had been Freedom Riders. They were in Washington DC to attend a memorial for the recently-departed Julian Bond, who had been a SNCC leader.

With the encouragement of the organizer, DC's own Sharlene Kranz (who was called the "youngest SNCC-er" as she was in high school when she began her activism), I made portraits of many of the attendees, as well as documenting the SNCC Legacy Project's evening events.

These are a sampling of the portraits. Every one of these individuals is an American hero, a brave and righteous champion for justice and freedom.

May we carry on their important and still necessary work, moving forward in the struggle for equality and justice for all.

Pam Jones

Joan Trumpauer Mulholland

Beni Ivey

Betty Garman Robinson

Bill Perlman

Carol Rogoff

Chuck Neblett

Dorie Ladner

Dottie Ladner

Ed Nakawasaki

Emmy Shrader Adams

Emory Harris

Eric Jones

Euvester Simpson

Frank Smith

Freddie Biddle

Heather Booth

Howard Moore

Jane Silver

Jennifer Lawson

Joyce Ladner

Kim Johnson

Larry Rubin

Margaret Burnham

Margaret Herring

Mary Elizabeth King

Penny Patch

Rutha Harris

Sarah Amatniek

Shirley Cooks

Sue Thrasher

Tamio Wakayama

Timothy Jenkins

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