Friday, March 16, 2012

CCNV Mural- progress

Further work was done on the mural we are painting at the CCNV shelter in Washington DC.

With the direction of Erica Steen of the DCJCC volunteer program, and support from Randy Bacon and Danny Obeler from Behrend Builders, a team of international students from Global Upgrad, part of the World Learning program sponsored by the US State Department, did a terrific job of adding their touches to the work begun last month. Great energy from this talented crew resulted in significant progress, and the mural is nearing completion.

A couple of these folks could really paint... and all were very helpful and enthusiastic.

Thanks to Sergio Venegas Gamboa, Sa' Samuel, Amon Jadeedah Pascasem, Muhamad Rosyid Jazuil, Kwang Bae Choi, Sonia Maria Zavaleta, Tsoggerel Enkhbayar, Paula Beltran Veloso, Christele Raymond, Ana Lorena Barrios Calderon, and Helen Gu, who were coordinated and directed by Pamela Lowenstein of World Learning.

Thanks again to EVERYONE who has helped out.

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