Friday, February 06, 2015

Old City, Jerusalem | Sami Al-Jundi and Jen Marlowe

I visited my friend Sami Al Jundi, and had a nice surprise in also having the pleasure to meet with one-person human-rights dynamo and documentarian, Jen Marlowe.

I met Sami and Jen years ago when they were both staffers at Seeds of Peace.

They co-created a book together The Hour of Sunlight, about Sami's experiences of transition from prisoner to peacemaker. It is one of the finest autobiographical life stories I have ever encountered, movingly written,. It compellingly portrays Sami's history, struggle, and great heart. I recommend the book highly (its a gripping read, too), as a way to understand the complexities, tragedies, and possibilities for avenues of hope and peace in Jerusalem - as honestly told by someone who has deeply lived it.

Jen runs Donkeysaddle Projects. It's well worth checking out her brave work promoting democracy and human dignity around the globe, and for honesty and fair treatment of prisoners in the United States. Jen's a whirlwind of good energy, a true freedom worker.

After a pleasant time over tea in an Arab cafe, Ruth and I visited with Sami's family in their home in the Old City, where his roots run deep. The hospitality was warm, and his family was kind and welcoming. Shukran. شكر

Blessings to all. And may there be peace. Shalom salaam.

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