Sunday, December 29, 2013

D25 DCJCC Volunteers 2013

These photographs document the volunteers and those served as part of  the DC Jewish Community Center's annual D25  effort. 

Over 1000 people prepared, served, and delivered many thousands of meals, toys, donated blood, comforted the elderly, homeless, and shut-in, and refurbished shelters, health clinics and other institutions for those in need in our community.

Among the sites and organizations documented her are Father McKenna's CenterDC Central KitchenFood and FriendsMary's Center, GLOE (the DCJCC's GLBT Outreach and Engagement group), the DCJCC, and JAM DC (Jews and Muslims Together).

Thanks as always to the hardworking Erica Steen, Gena Schoen, and Randy Bacon of the DCJCC and Behrend Builders, to  members of my havurah Fabrangen,  and Washington Jewish Week, who will be publishing a photo essay in next week's edition.

And once again, especial thanks to, my dear Ruth Stromberg, for her loving energy, cheerful good work in getting ID's for the many people depicted during the chaos of this day, and for her quiet unwavering support for my projects, and for me. Love love love you.

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