Saturday, May 04, 2013

Ethiopian Absorption Center | Safed, Israel

These are recent Falash Mura immigrants to Israel, who are learning and adjusting to Israeli society. This absorbtion center (ulpan) is in the northern mountains of the country, near the historic town of Safed.

There are about one thousand residents at the center.

Thanks to the residents of the center for their openness, kindness and hospitality, and to Moran Yanai of the center, for her guidance and preparation.


Anonymous said...

Dear Mr. Wolf,

My name is Rachel, and I admire your photos of women brewing and pouring tea. By bringing their traditions to Israel after making aliyah, these immigrants offer the country a new and unique perspective on the experience of being Jewish.

This past March, I traveled to Israel on a birthright trip, and I visited an absorption center. The stories I heard from immigrants about struggling with tasks that come easily to most people - like speaking the native language or using electrical appliances - moved me greatly. I felt inspired to write an article about their journeys for Yale University's publication, The Politic. If you would like to see it, you can access it here:

Kind regards,


Rosa said...

Those faces alone can tell an entire story.