Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Machane Yehuda | Jewish market, Jerusalem

Images mostly from Machane Yehuda, the bustling Jewish market in Jerusalem, just prior to Shabbat last week. A few photographs are from the nearby Ben Yehuda Street market.

This work is part of the Jerusalem:Walls and Bridges and the Jerusalem Stories projects I have been working on, on my own and with writer/storyteller Carol Grosman.


Moish said...

You have some nice ones here! I like the one with 5 mannequins in the display case. How you created the photo more than just captured it, by waiting for just the right people to walk by. They look like an additional two mannequins.
If I may ask, most of these look candid. How do you manage to go unnoticed? I tried my hand at a bit of street photography and people seem to be afraid of the camera (DSLR)

Lloyd said...

Thanks Moish- I appreciate your kind words. I guess I am just used to working on the street & getting stuff done. A long-learned dance.
All best to you, and open eyes- shalom-