Saturday, October 20, 2012

Jewish Mothers & Fathers Exhibition/ Weinstein JCC

Installation images from my show of Jewish Mothers and Fathers in the Sarah November Gallery of the Weinstein Jewish Community Center in Richmond Virginia.

Thanks to Orly Lewis, Shoshanna Shaffin, and others from the JCC's staff who brought the work to Richmond, and were instrumental in creating a successful installation and opening event.

Also, my thanks to Lesie Cohen, John Minor, and Ellen Zagorin for cheerfully hosting and caring for me while in Richmond. Todah rabah y'all.


Moish said...

Hatzlacha with the rest of the exhibition!
I met you last Sukot at a bar-mitzva in Pittsburgh and I'm still following your blog. That makes it a year.
Great concept, Jewish Mothers & Fathers. A visual symbolism for Jewish heritage and continuity.

Lloyd said...

Thank you!