Friday, July 15, 2016

SkillsUSA Conference 2016 | Louisville, Kentucky

I recently documented my 31st SkillsUSA National Skills Leadership Competition, held this year in Louisville, Kentucky. More than 16,000 people attended, many competing in their trades for national-level gold, silver, and bronze medals. An elite group of winners goes on to vie internationally in the World Skills event (next year in Abu Dhabi) as Team USA.

Thanks again to Tom Hall, Ann Schreiber, Craig Moore, Tom Kercheval, Jane DeShong Short, Karen Kitzel, Darlene Helena, co-photographers Clay Allen, William Fambrough Jr.,  Janet Cantore Watson, and the whole terrific SkillsUSA communications team for the experience... and for surviving yet another year of Hell Week.

And thank you to Marge Ely and her daughter Fiona for hosting me during my (brief) break time. Much appreciated. Great pizza, and see you next year. May it be a good one.

Here are a whole bunch of my favorite images, from gazillions recorded during the week.

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