Sunday, November 23, 2014

RIP to DC's "Mayor for Life" Marion Barry

Marion Barry, the legendary and controversial Washington DC politician and civil rights activist died early today.

I photographed Mayor Barry many times over the years (he was always 'Mayor Barry,' even as a city council member). Love him or hate him, the city will not be the same without his large presence.

Despite his many and very public flaws, for which he - and the city- paid a price - I always gruffly admired his genuine care, identification with, and representation of the poorest of the poor in our community. This part of him was steadfast and real, and he was deeply loved by the people with the least access to power in DC.

We will not see his like again, and the city will be far less interesting in his absence.

This image, from the last time I photographed him, about 2 years ago, was made in Laborer's Local 657's union hall, in Northeast DC.

Baruch dayan emet. Blessed be the true judge.

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