Thursday, September 18, 2014

Morning prayers : Elul

These photographs are of morning minyan shacharit prayers at Kesher Israel congregation, in Georgetown, Washington DC. They were for an article in Washington Jewish Week.

Thank you to the members of the congregation.


wordsmusichorses said...

Lloyd, I believe I've met you through Hungry for Music. I'm not Jewish, and mystified by what these rabbis are wearing. Are they cameras? What is the significance? Are they filming what they're doing so it can be seen by others, perhaps live?
This photo has turned up in the Post, with no explanation.

Lloyd said...

They are wearing tefillin, which are sued in morning prayer during the week. See:
They are of ancient origin and practice, and contain texts from the Bible (Torah).

Lloyd said...

"used" in prayer.

And these are lay people, not rabbis.