Saturday, April 13, 2013

C Webb | Beyond the Yellow Tape

My friend and colleague Curtis Mozie, aka "C Webb" has been documenting the streets and the effects of violence and homicide in Washington. DC for many years. In addition to creating video memorials to his many friends and neighbors who have been the victims of homicide, he runs a safe house in his home for the youth in his community. He has also recently written a book, "Beyond the Yellow Tape: Life and Death on the Streets of DC (Volume 1)." It is available through

A book-release event was held at Kennedy Recreation Center in DC. Numerous dignitaries spoke in support of his effective, heartfelt, and healing work, including City Council members, David Bowers of No More Murders, Assistant DC Police Chief Diane Groomes, and others. Many people in attendance have lost family or themselves been affected by the long wave of violence in the City, and were there to grieve, to celebrate, to support one another, and to effect change.

And... there was the premier appearance of C Webb Man. Sure to be a hit with the school kids in bringing them his message of peace.

These pictures were made at the event. C Webb is the straight-up real deal, and we should all wish him success and blessings in continuing his great good work.

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