Saturday, July 07, 2012

Victory Pentecostal Apostolic Church

I recently documented a celebration in honor of the Reverend Tyrone Tyson at the Victory Pentecostal Apostolic Church in Landover, Maryland. Reverend T. is the founder and president of Psalms Exchange Productions, an enterprise fostering a number of talented locally-based gospel ensembles.

Performing were:
Luke Saunders and the Sensational Stars
Juanita Helliums and the Gospel of Faith
God's House
Life's Atonement
Gospel Reflections
The Way
The Thrope Singers

It was quite an evening, of many styles. The music and spirit roared, joyous and free.

Thanks to my friend, the good Pastor Robert Truesdale, "The Pastor from the Hood," for inviting me to observe and experience the sanctified music.

This is the largest number of photographs I have ever displayed in a single blog post. I believe the power and depth of the music can be sensed in these images...

I am planning to create an artist's book based on the work.

Additional images are viewable online at this section of the PEP website.

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atelierista said...

now THAT's church!!