Monday, May 23, 2011

Machatonim simcha in honor of Sean & Marjorie / a gathering of tribes

Ruth and I gathered with the the Miller family at their home near Philadelphia to celebrate the engagement of Ruth's daughter Marjorie to Sean Miller.

All happy, all good. A merging of clans. Much schmoozing, kvelling, noshing, naches, and very real support.

Note: in the wisest interest of shalom bayis, an interesting and amusing overheard snippet of conversation has been redacted from this post.

Jewish? And all to the good. Lovely folks. Proud and happy to enlarge the circle of family. Mishpoche.

Mazel tov to Sean and Marjorie. May your life together be blessed.

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Rosa said...

Beautiful photos, Lloyd. There is something about b&w that shows the soul. Lovely.