Friday, December 17, 2010

Snow Elegy: Suite for Carl Dahlke

These photographs are made in honor and remembrance of Carl Dahlke, photographer and engineer, who passed away on November 6th, 2010.

The images were made while it was still snowing, with a camera I was bequeathed from Carl's extraordinary collection of fine instruments.

They are presented in the order they were seen.

Thank you Carl. Thank you Clare.

Please visit Carl's photography website:

His obituary in the Washington Post is here:


Clare said...

Lloyd, these are fabulous! Thank you so much!


Adrienne Moumin said...

Just beautiful, Lloyd. Thanks for making them, and for posting them.


vrb said...

Wonderful tribute to Carl.
The car tire treads were very Carlesque
thank you.


Gilah Langner said...

What a beautiful tribute to a lovely man.

- Gilah

Jerry said...

Wonderful, particularly liked the shot with the centered parabola of a tree(?), dark cloud against a gray sky with the sun peeking through. Great composition that creates a mood.

Jerry Stilkind

Anonymous said...

Thanks Lloyd. There are definitely the type of image Carl enjoyed.

Nice tribute.

Dave Mosher