Wednesday, January 21, 2009

"Yidishe Marsh far der Inoyguratsie" All-Star Inaugural Klezmer Band

The Jewish Grassroots Action Network threw a pre-inaugural dinner and concert in Washington, DC, in honor of the inauguration of Barack Obama.
Adrianne Greenbaum, a noted klezmer musician, assembled and led an all-star group for the occasion, featuring world-renowned clarinetist Joel Rubin, and violinist Jake Shulman-Ment, among other superb players.
They premiered Adrianne's special composition for the occasion, the spirited Yiddish March for the Inauguration "Yidishe Marsh far der Inoyguratsie."

Like everyone else, the Jews are happy. Blessings and mazel tov to us all, and to President Obama.

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