Friday, December 26, 2008

Sunrise, sunset...

Photographs of walls and other phenomena revealed by light

The first picture was made at dawn on December 25th, in the parking lot of Food & Friends, in the 200 block of Riggs Rd, NE, Washington DC (they supply meals to the sick and needy).

The second was taken the same day, just before sunset, in the 1500 block of Q St. NW, also in DC.

"We will really understand when we understand light"
Dr. Harvey Picker, physicist (1974)
Siegfried Halus, photographer (1971)

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Anonymous said...

They are nice shots, I just would like to see something really showing the experimentation of the light being used. Whether it is an abstract photo or a portrait. These two shot don't tickle my fancy very much. However, it is nice to see a new post. :)