Monday, October 20, 2008

American Investigation, again. Lewistown PA Steelworker bar

Ruth, her mother Martha, and I visited Marjorie in Lewistown this weekend.
Marjorie lives across the road from Standard Steel, the oldest continually-operating steel mill in America. Just outside the gates of this aged but still productive plant, stands a gritty, time-weathered bar, The Steelworker.

As Frank Zappa once aptly noted in song, "America drinks and goes home."

L'Chaim y'all.


AJ Nutter said...

very interesting, i would love to know more about this place.

Anonymous said...

It's a hole.
-former Lewistown resident

Anonymous said...

This used to be the JaVel Bar and Grill.Not sure when the name was changed but in the early 60`s it was the JaVel.

Former SSD employee