Monday, February 06, 2012

Mural painting at CCNV Shelter, DC

Many many thanks to my friends and family who helped paint a mural at CCNV's homeless shelter this past weekend. Cheers and thanks to Ann, Ethan & Elizabeth Epstein, Arthur, Diane, & Zoe Friedman, CC Kennedy, Clare Feinson, Dani Probst (the YHGG), Dave Caskey & Dale King, Dean Wolf & Bobbin Gordon, Debbie Goldman, Ed Rehfeld, Chris Brody, Jason Horowitz & Jeffrey Horowitz, Jeremy Epstein, Joanie & Randy Hunn, Joi Preciphs, Judy & Nathan Brown, Judy Galat & Jeff Thorne, Lise Metzger, Fran Goldman, Marjorie Stromberg & Sean Miller, Norman & Chris Grandstaff, Paula Amann, Peg Levis & Marc, Sheila Epstein, Shelly, Rich & Janetta Brundage, David Mackoff, Sherri and Mike Shunfenthal, Sue McCarley-Shepherd, Joan McCarley, Takis Karantonis, Victoria Kahn and especially to Judybeth Greene for her design, to the amazing Randy Bacon and Dan Obeler of Behrend Builders, Erica Steen, director of the Cafritz Center for Community Service at the DCJCC, and... to my dear steady wonderful Ruth.
Community. Friends. Family. Social action. Art. Touchstones and heart of my life, these sixty years on...
Thank you all. Love. Ø

A full set of large format files is posted on Flickr.

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